Sandwich panels - Corapan

Corapan AL 85 is mainly used in the transportation industry and has a surface made of aluminum, with a core consisting of polystyrene balls.

The benefits of Corapan are

  • Low weight
  • Durability
  • Great flexibility
  • High surface quality
  • Weather and temperature resistant

Corapan AL 85

Corapan AL 85 is mainly used in the transportation industry.
The surfaces of CORAPAN AL 85 panels are made of aluminum, while the core consists of polystyrene beads, which together with a special resin, form a core with unique properties.

Thanks to the production process, closed cells are formed by the polystyrene beads in the core. This also provides good opportunities to produce the panels with different types of inserts, such as aluminum profiles as desired. The lightweight core makes the panel a very good choice for vehicle construction


  • Our standard dimension is 25x2180x5980 mm.
  • The weight of Corapan AL85 with 25 mm thickness is 7.5 kg/m².
  • Available in sizes up to 10,000 x 2,610 mm and thicknesses between 15 and 60 mm.
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