Cabinet systems

Hytran's profile system enables the construction of cabinets of all sizes; from cabinets adapted to light trucks to the larger constructions for large volume needs. The system is adapted to constructions of all sizes and provides a cabinet with high strength, low weight and safe function.

Strong, light and functional cabinet systems

Our profile system for cabinets is constructed with integrated fittings and functions. This gives smooth and beautiful surfaces that are easy to keep clean. Natural anodised profiles contribute to a durable surface, a surface that can also be painted in optional colors.


Our flexible profile system makes it possible to design and build boxvans either completely covered in aluminium or with an aluminium frame with sandwich walls.


All sizes - Great flexibility - Good overall economy


The profile system provides great flexibility and provides, among other things, the opportunity to:

  • Install doors and cargo hatches as needed
  • Install lifting devices
  • Install double rear doors
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