Our dropside systems in aluminum are flexible and easy to adapt. Clean surfaces in combination with natural anodizing provides a nice and durable surface that is easy to maintain. Click on one of our subcategories to read more about our products.

Tailored to your needs

Our limb systems are easy to tailor and adapt to all vehicle and flatbed sizes. Our systems are based on 25, 30 and 40 mm wide limb profiles, as well as edge, top and bottom profiles with high strength and quality. The system’s design also enables and simplifies future adaptations and repairs.

With vertical posts and built-in locking and hinge functions, you get smooth and easy handling.

Can be delivered

  • Unmounted, as loose profiles
  • Complete with pre-assembled and customized components ready for final assembly

25 mm dropsides

Our lightest dropside system is 25 mm wide and is offered with a large selection of different top, construction and bottom profiles that provide a unique flexibility for the user.

We categorize our 25 mm dropsides into two variants:

  • Dropsides without reinforced back (LTP)
  • Dropsides with reinforced back (Combi / gravel reinforced limbs)

Dump truck

Our dropside system for dump trucks is intended for heavier use than our LTP and Combi dropsides, where the biggest difference is the width of the profiles. Dropsides for dump trucks are made up of profiles with a thickness of 30 and 40 mm and are therefore better suited for heavier mass transport.

In addition, components such as locking posts, hinges and fastening materials are of more robust design.

High flexibility – Easy maintenance – Future-oriented

The profile system is easy to install. The design of the system also enables and simplifies future adaptations and repairs.

Contact us for more information about our dump truck system.

Foldable door system

Our folding door system is a self-developed hinge-based system based on Kinnegrip’s K20 system, which allows folding of the doors without having to take down the posts. This system allows for lateral loading of the vehicle.


The system is delivered in heights from 1100 – 2200 mm, with doors that can be adapted individually to each extension so that the division is optimal and the attachment does not conflict with wheel arches or other mounted details.


  • The system is delivered as 2 + 2, 2 + 3 or 3 + 3, depending on need
  • Delivered either as a construction set or finished product
  • Standard K20 pole mounts are used