New storage solution for Equinor platform ready

Equinor came to us with a need for a smart storage solution with light and power access for offshore use. The product is now ready for delivery to the platform.

The floor we have produced provides an elegant solution to storage needs and is manufactured and fitted out according to the customer's own dimensions and wishes. Boden has underfloor reinforcement and is delivered flat-packed with pre-installed electrical installation. This provides significant financial savings for the customer and ensures quick and easy transportation to the platform.

Due to the corrosion-free properties of aluminum, this enclosure solution provides a long-lasting and maintenance-free product that is durable and lightweight.

The product is shipped directly to the platform with instructions for use and documentation.

Bottom before packing



Outer dimensions: WxHxD 4800 x 2300 x 2500 mm

Manufactured in 25 mm natural anodized aluminum profiles

Ceiling covered with 1.5 mm uncoated board.

Lockable door and window

No shelves or partitions

Mounted on a plinth with reinforcement under the floor.

The base is delivered flat-packed in custom packaging that can be lifted with straps.

Supplied with detailed installation instructions.

Estimated weight approx. 1000 kg incl. packaging

Boden comes with power and light

Bottom packed and ready for delivery directly to the platform