Aluminum cabinets and containers for many purposes

Hytrans aluminum cabinet Paltek

When you need to make something that will last a long time and be functional for many different industries on the harsh western coast of Norway, the criteria for quality are set. Hytrans aluminum enclosures set a standard for anyone who wants quality enclosures for both small and large vehicles. 

We manufacture to your desired dimensions in all sizes, from the smallest cabinet to 20-foot containers

-"Of course we are proud of what we have achieved," says Kjell Magne Thorshaug, general manager of Hytrans.

"We have the world's best raw material directly from Hydro's aluminum plant, which we are co-located with, and we have a very demanding industry and associated industries around us. What's more, we're surrounded by sea spray 9 out of the 12 months of the year. These are all drivers that inspire us to focus on quality," he continues. 

The advantages of using aluminum to make cabinets for cars and eventually also ships and platforms are, of course, that the raw material does not rust, is easy to transport and simple to process. 

-"Aluminum is a fantastic and strong metal to make cabinets from. The advantages of being virtually rust-free and very light are very important properties. 

Confirmed by customer

-"We confirm this," says Hans Vagle Stangeland, Sales Manager at Paltek Rogaland.

Paltec is part of Palfinger and manufactures bodies for crane trucks, service vehicles and small and large vehicles used in transportation. From Hytrans, they mostly get cabinets that are mounted on vehicles for dry and tidy storage of equipment and work clothes.

-"It will be a bit like a mobilemini warehouse for equipment on the car," says Stangeland.

All the work Hytrans does for Paltek is really tailor-made in the sense that nothing is exactly the same from car to car, and some solutions come straight from the drawing board and are being built for the first time. 

-"We have a customer who maintains several hundred bus shelters. Among other things, they collect waste from the bins in the bus shelters. For this, they needed small, flexible refuse trucks with cabinets and a tipper. So we made them together with Hytrans. The customer is extremely satisfied," says Stangeland.

Collaboration is important

Paltek was established in 2007 and currently has 25-30 employees, and last year it achieved a turnover of NOK 100 million. For them, the collaboration with Hytrans has beenimportant.

-"Many of the things we order from them we could perhaps make ourselves. However, we've chosen to let Hytrans do it because it creates a better flow in our production and we haven't experienced anything they can't do.

-"The collaboration over several years also shows that they deliver quality. The cabinets we put on the cars we send out usually outlive the cars, which is very good," concludes Stangeland.

Three steps to a solution

Does your business need a cabinet solution? Then you're three easy steps away from getting it fixed: 

1: Contact our advisors for a chat about needs and challenges

2: Based on this, we make a proposal for a solution and offer

3: You order and we produce. 

Hytrans can deliver cabinets to all of Norway.