Aluminum for the transportation industry

The unique properties of aluminum, combined with our range of profiles, give you a corrosion-free solution that lasts. These systems can be adapted to all types of operations and applications, and with a lightweight and strong material, you get a secure, low-maintenance product.

Customized solutions in aluminum

With a wide range of unique profiles, you as a customer get a lot of variation options, so that your truck bed can be customized to your needs.

The benefits of using aluminum in the transport industry are many;

A lighter plane facilitates better space utilization and lower fuel costs. Aluminum is a sustainable material with a long lifespan.

For the transportation industry, we supply both plan, hatch and cabinet systems.


We offer aluminum loading platforms for all types of vehicles - both light and heavy, for general cargo, sand and mining transport.

With naturally oxidized surfaces, low weight, high strength and flexible solutions, we're ready to develop your ideal plan.

We categorize our plans by the payload of the vehicle:

  • Total weight up to 8 tons
  • Total weight between 6-12 tons
  • Total weight between 10-25 tons

We supply both partially assembled and fully assembled solutions.

Cabinet system

Our profile system enables the construction of enclosures in all sizes; from enclosures adapted to light trucks to the larger constructions for high volume needs.

The system is adapted to structures of all sizes and provides an enclosure with high strength, low weight and secure function.

Our versatile profile system makes it possible to design and build truck enclosures either fully covered in aluminum or with an aluminum frame and sandwich walls.

Limb systems

Our door systems are flexible and also easy to customize and adapt to any vehicle. Plain surfaces in combination with natural anodizing provide a beautiful and durable surface that is easy to maintain.

Here we supply several different door systems, as well as a folding door system.

As a supplier, we are an active player in the industry and take part in the development of existing and new products, both in terms of quality and economy.