Why your truck deserves an aluminum body

Aluminum is a flexible and lightweight material that is ideal for several types of applications. In this article, we give you four good reasons why your truck should have its bodywork manufactured with aluminum profiles.

Due to its flexibility, versatility and strength, the use of aluminum has increased in industries such as offshore, industry, transportation, construction and agriculture. In addition to lower fuel consumption, less maintenance and longer lifespan, aluminum profiles offer countless possibilities for design and solutions.

Here are four good reasons why your truck deserves to have its body made of aluminum:

1: Low weight
Aluminum weighs approximately 2.71 g/cm3, which is one third of the weight of steel. This makes both the transportation of payloads more efficient, as well as more efficient fuel consumption. For electric trucks, the low weight will have even more impact on the utilization of battery capacity.

2: Good corrosion resistance
Due to the thin oxide layer on the aluminum surface, the metal has a natural protection against corrosion. Further surface treatment, such as painting or anodizing, can further enhance the natural corrosion-free properties. This gives you less maintenance, which means fewer costs and more time for your core business.

3: Odorless and impermeable
Even at just 0.007 mm thick, aluminum is impermeable and has no smell or taste. The metal is non-toxic and is often used for packaging sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals and food.

4: Recyclable
Aluminum is 100% recyclable. During the recycling process, aluminum will retain both its integrity and strength, as well as its other properties. In fact, it has proven to be even more cost-effective to use recycled metal in production than new metal.

Components and solutions for trucks
At Hydal Transportsystemer AS, we have over 250 different aluminum profiles in stock, and we also produce customized and complete solutions for large and small trucks. Solutions such as aluminum loading platforms for light and heavy vehicles, cabinet systems for extra safety, frameworks and various components such as:

Side barriers
Underride barriers
Lashing brackets
Light bars
Mud flap rails
and much more can be manufactured by us.

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